This Qur’an Tafseer is written in the Urdu Language by Our Sheikh Hazrat Ameer Muhammad Akram Awan MZA. The whole Tafseer was written only during the month of Ramdhan and it took over 10 years to complete. Its most striking feature is that it is naturally supernatural. It is natural because it is free of theological jargon and literary imagery generally associated with such works. Easy flowing sentences and a simple, direct style has made it a page-turner with incredible power to absorb the reader. Pragmatically written, it is thoroughly comprehensible for an ordinary Muslim. At the same time it is supernatural because the author does not rely on formal education alone. He is a man of heart, brimming with mystic knowledge blessed directly from Allah-SWT due to the revered company of an accomplished Sufi Master, Shaikh Allaah-Yaar Khan (d-1984). He has such a miraculous understanding of the Quran that seasoned scholars can only envy. It is due to the spiritual feelings which accompany the words and phrases of this Tafseer that it not only appeals to the mind, but also grips the heart. The reader finds unexplored aspects and dormant meanings of the Divine Ayat dawning upon him. This is available in English and Urdu.

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